I heart NY


There is nothing that will polarise an audience more quickly than the following two words – Valentine’s Day.

In one camp we have the dreamy anticipators, romantics and ever hopefuls. In the other camp we have the cynics, the heartbroken, the romantically reluctant and the love haters.

And…just to put the magnifying glass over all of that, it’s not just about being in a wonderful relationship or not. The love hate attitude towards Valentine’s Day is more about people’s feelings towards there even being a day to celebrate romantic love; in having to express emotions, make feelings of love materialistically real and very, very evident whether it’s through roses, chocolates, super swish dinner or a marriage proposal accessorised with a giant sparkler.

Actually, when I said that there was nothing that would divide an audience more quickly than the words Valentine’s Day, let me also throw this one into the polarisation mix; “Did you get any Valentine’s cards?”…

Well this year, I didn’t get any Valentine’s cards, pics, messages or flowers (and that’s ok), but what I did get was this…

My next travel feature ‘5 Days in NYC’.

I’m working with NYCgo, the NYC Official Guide, travelling out with British Airways from Edinburgh via Heathrow in July.

To say this is a dream come true is an understatement of gargantuan proportions.

I became a single parent when my son was six weeks old so the past (almost 15 years) have been devoted to building a good life for us both, a successful career for me, good education for him, stability and security for us both, so travel decisions have been based around what would work best for us at particular times over that period.

We have travelled far and wide, in fact we’ve been across the globe twice and halfway across the globe numerous other times but so far, not to NYC.

I’ve been dying to go to New York since the moment I saw the Kids from Fame dancing on top of cars in New York streets in the 80s (blog post coming soon on the songs and movies that made me fall in love with New York…).

I developed a long distance romance with the city from afar over the years, geeking out on what was happening in the NYC cool school, but the universe didn’t have a visit on ‘Mhairi’s Life Plan’.  Until now.

I’m not flying solo on this one, my son is coming with me and it’s such a privilege for me to be able to take him on this trip and watch him take in NYC the way I might have done at his age (although I would definitely have been wearing Madonna’s Desperately Seeking Susan jacket around that time – still would you know…).


So, start spreading the news…

We’re unfortunately not leaving today, but I have a few months to pour my heart and soul into planning my itinerary with help from NYCgo and I’m feeling ready to fall completely head over heels in love with NewYorkNewYork.



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