Mermaid hair

Mermaid Perfum Oil
© Mermaid Perfume Instagram

I have long hair.  Long long hair, like a mermaid.

It wasn’t a #hairgoal, it was more a case of me finally realising in my 40s that I could have the hair I never had.  My mum always had my hair cut short as a little girl (apparently having a pixie face is ideal for short hair…) and then of course the 80s hit and there is nothing in that decade I would even feel comfortable mentioning when it came to ‘my hair’.


The 90s were obviously defined by the ‘Rachel Cut’, which came and went in various lengths, then my early 00s Victoria Beckham pixie crop (again…), followed by a series of non-descript bobs.  It wasn’t until after I’d had my son that I really started growing my hair.  Then went blonde, then went long blonde, which I suppose in many ways is a roundabout #hairgoal from the child who looked like this…


Maybe having the long blonde hair was a subconscious #hairgoal as a result of spending the best part of the 70s looking like the child from The Omen.  Whatever the case, it’s long, it’s highlighted within an inch of its life (and its extremely dark roots) and it needs a lot of care and the best hairdressers (it probably wasn’t until I hit my 40s that I had the money that it takes to even maintain hair like this…).  And the time.  It’s a three and a half hour stint at the hairdresser.

I’ve tried all the shampoos over the years of course (the more chemicals = the worse they are, doesn’t matter what they say in the advert) so Aveda has usually been my go to.  Until I discovered the joy of the Mermaid Perfume range.  I don’t just want an amazing shampoo and conditioner.  I want an amazing smelling shampoo and conditioner.

© Mermaid Perfume Instagram

Mermaid perfume lives right up to the quite low key hype (‘highly coveted and hard to find’ according to website).  It’s a bit like finding a golden nugget.  You’ll only stumble upon stuff about this product if you look really hard and there are not many places that sell it.  Always the sign of a ‘would trade my granny for this’ type product.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 16.22.00


Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 16.20.41

The shampoo itself is all-natural and sulphate free, so you don’t get that headful of lather type wash, it’s more of a gentle clean but you’ll definitely want to do it twice purely because of the smell (one shampoo really is enough).  Oh my word, the smell!  It’s like closing your eyes and instantly being transported to faraway golden sands, swaying palm trees, crashing waves and sunkissed happy faces.  It’s like starting your day with a Pina Colada (maybe the cure for beating the winter blues…? Joke!).  The blend of botanicals and essential oils, most notably orange blossom, coconut and vanilla is what zones you out and makes ‘Sorry I can’t, I’m washing my hair’, a viable excuse to avoid anything that doesn’t produce this amount of pleasure.

Made in Los Angeles, you won’t find it everywhere; it really is as mysterious as its name might suggest,  but you will find it in Liberty, Alex Eagle or you can buy it straight from the States as I did as more often than not, this is completely sold out.

It’s a treat for sure, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll be able to justify that to yourself in a flash (they have other stuff!.)


Enjoy the Mermaid experience!





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